Terms And Conditions

Terms and Condition

Following are some terms and conditions in accordance with DJR Infotech Solution. Thus, the terms and services need approval from both the ends, i.e. you and I “Customers and DJR Infotech Solution”. And this approval will only help you deal with each other in the future, and also it helps maintain trust. 


Standard Terms of Service

Given are some standard requirements and service conditions of DJR Infotech Solution. Moreover, any technical help offered either over the phone or through digital method via PC, and Laptop will be counted as a service only. In addition to this, all kinds of support, services or third party products will be associated as service in relation with the subcontractor. 

By holding the access, we use the provided services under DJR Infotech Solution by means of phone or website. 

  • Justify your depicted age that you are of 18 years or more
  • You have proper authority and ability to commit with the terms and conditions on legal grounds
  • You have already gone through privacy policy norms and approved the terms on the website
  • You will agree upon all the contracts, regulations and principles that is relevant to your suitable services
  • It would help if you made sure that whatever details you share with the DJR Infotech Solution is correct
  • Also, you need to tell the relevant card details for secure payment (it is necessary to be the owner of the shared card)

Note- in case you do not comply with the mentioned terms and conditions, then you are not allowed to hold or access any DJR Infotech Solution Service.


Availability of Services

You may utilize DJR Infotech Solution Services over the phone, its website or there are many other resources to contact them.

We will implement professional techniques to resolve your issues. But remember the support service is paid. So you can reach out to us via phone, text or email as given.

Most of our services are served online through remote monitoring, for example, tele command, email or chat service. We make sure to keep you updated with the advanced technology, whether it be the latest version or a new facility in the market. DJR Infotech Solution also assist services that cover user benefits as they need to pay for once. 


Permit to Access Your System, Auditing the Services

Under this section, you agree over the mentioned terms, that only with your consent, our team member will control your system to operate it. Doing this it will become easy for our support service team to repair your device to sort your issue instantly.

To resolve your device issue DJR Infotech Solution could install multiple applications, softwares, via remote control access to your system under your consent. In addition to this, our team members can also configure your device settings. By agreeing to the stated conditions, you at this moment allow DJR Infotech Solution to access your machines and alter the settings as well. Furthermore, you have also decided upon the norms that DJR Infotech Solution is not answerable for the damage of the provided services and products. To begin with, DJR Infotech Solution, you should know that remote control access can also lose your data, emails, and hidden details.


Remember- We can also set limits on specific features of the website so that you cannot enter that particular part if we notice any violation and rule-breaking action held on our website. 


Data Backup

You are wholly liable for operating and assisting all the details, particulars, content or other relevant data. Including the storage and software of your system, you have approved that DJR Infotech Solution does not entertain any liability over the provided services. No matter what circumstances but for any harm or loss related to the user’s data, files, pictures, or any other product; users need to reach out to the subcontractor. 

Well, DJR Infotech Solution does not facilitate any data backup to help download the illegal software to the users. Do make sure that the license you have is legal, including all the required software. And also we are not answerable to the legal or licensed software as well. 


Use of Software and Tools

DJR Infotech Solution may require to install any software on your system to figure out and fix the error. We practice various software, from which one of the software offers details about the device. And the provided detail help figure out the persisting issue so that we can quickly resolve it. But the second type of software allows DJR Infotech Solution to enter user’s device through the remote command and reset the settings to solve the problem. But this will only be done when you acknowledge. Also, you could lose several files, data, images, audios and software as well. In case if DJR Infotech Solution needs to install and run any software on your device, then that will auto-delete after the specific time. And you are not allowed to run any illegal software, and you can only buy legal software to use it in the long run. 


DJR Infotech Solution Liabilities

DJR Infotech Solution work hard and do its best to fix the errors of the system. DJR Infotech Solution make efforts to solve technical glitches like experts in a proficient way. Technical glitches are needed to be addressed on time, and that is why text and email options are not preferable. Whereas, reaching out to the support team over a call is the instant solution option given by DJR Infotech Solution .

On the other hand, the technical support team does not ensure you for the permanent fix of your issue. Not to mention, but the problems your device face occurs because of the virus in your device. And the virus enters through illegal web page or software. Well, these type of issues could not be fixed over the phone or online help solution. 

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